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Collaborative Research S3D

Collaborative Research S3D

„Development of systems and methods for effective creation and processing of stereoscopic content“ was the description of a 3 year joint research project. I was able to participate in that project as part of my internship at the research & development group for six months at filmakademie bw. I was developing tools in c++ based framework frapper, relying on Qt as the GUI API and Ogre as the 3D render engine.

Project Homepage on the webserver of R&D @ Filmakademie BW

Kinect XAML Prototype

Kinect Prototype

Implementation of a Application Prototype for the advertising degree program of my university. Used for watching content analysis of the several advertising channels of a company. Based on the WPF and XAML technologies and using Microsoft Kinect for interactive control with gestures.


The Ambrosia Project

The Ambrosia Project

In the summer term 2013 i was part of the development team of a 3d action adventure, which we developed as part of our studies on campus. We wrote our own game engine based on the 3d renderer ogre. I was mainly responsible for adding a lua scripting console to the software, so that also our design team could try out new content, without any coding capabilities. I also was working on some basic game ai implementations and various other stuff. All code was written in c++ and for the scripting in lua.

the ambrosia project – homepage on the university server

Nuke Deep Compositing Nodes

For the bachelor thesis of a colleague i was implementing some deep compositing test nodes in the Nuke 6.8 C++ API. Since the deep functionalities already were in Nuke 6.8 available but there was a leak of directly usable nodes we tested basic stuff like deep add and deep multiply etc.