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Artificial Intelligence & Network Security

Artificial Intelligence & Network Security

As practical part of my recently started summer semester i will implement several data mining and artifical intelligence algorithms, like face recognitions, feature extractions and also have a look on network security, simulating some kind of attacks for a deeper understanding. Really looking forward on this summer term and some advanced topics of computer science.

languages and platforms: python, linux, shell, etc.

The outcome of our Data Mining Tests can be found on my github account:



DPX Timecode MetaData Editing Tool

DPX Timecode Editing Tool

In our project Traumzeit we had the need to edit dpx timecode data, but there was no elegant way to do this in an y of our software programs. So i wrote a little tool, doing this with the python version of Qt, PyQt. You can choose an dpx stack and change the timecode in the way you need to. The software is open source and you can use it, if you want. You will have to install python and pyqt in order to run it. Here you can find the source code on github:




In the project miror a autonomic robot should be build, to work in places where people can’t go. For testing behaviours of the robot, there was the need of a 3d modell that works like the original one. I implemented classes and functions in the middleware morse, which is using the blender game engine for simulating robotic behaviours. Morse is designed for connecting the 3d simulation in Blender and the ROS operating system. I also modelled the robot in blender and was rigging him for being able to control it from the middleware. All software parts were written in python.
project homepage: http://www.miror.eu/