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Collaborative Research S3D

Collaborative Research S3D

“Development of systems and methods for effective creation and processing of stereoscopic content” was the description of a 3 year joint research project. I was able to participate in that project as part of my internship at the research & development group for six months at filmakademie bw. I was developing tools in c++ based framework frapper, relying on Qt as the GUI API and Ogre as the 3D render engine.

Project Homepage on the webserver of R&D @ Filmakademie BW

DPX Timecode MetaData Editing Tool

DPX Timecode Editing Tool

In our project Traumzeit we had the need to edit dpx timecode data, but there was no elegant way to do this in an y of our software programs. So i wrote a little tool, doing this with the python version of Qt, PyQt. You can choose an dpx stack and change the timecode in the way you need to. The software is open source and you can use it, if you want. You will have to install python and pyqt in order to run it. Here you can find the source code on github: