In summer 2013 a team of 15 students decided to produce a short movie about dreams and childhood. We had a lot of vfx shots and produced part of the movie in the greenscreen studio our university owns. I did 3d modelling in Autodesk Maya, compositing in Nuke 7 and was responsible as Technical Director and Digital Image Technician for the technical aspects of the movie.

We shot in 2k with the ARRI D21. The pipeline was a full DPX pipeline with scripts in Maya and a shot management extension we had in Nuke, that was initially written by Patrick Heinen and extended plus updated by myself.

Our movie and his production will also be mentioned in the next issue of the german postproduction magazine “Digital Production”. Further down you can see a shot breakdown from a sequence i was compositing. If you want to see the whole movie, just get in contact.

I wrote also a little tool for editing timecode metadata in a dpx stack, initially for this project,
but i mention it in an extra post: DPX Timecode MetaData Editing Tool

Facebook page of the movie:

Another sequence which shows the creation of the floating islands, used in the film: