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Crescer3D – An adaption of

In the summer term 2016 a group of students, including myself, created a 3D adaption
of the classic web browser game The game was created as part of the course”Computer Graphics” at Linköping University, Sweden. The game is a combination of
fun ideas, an use case to learn game development and the CG rendering pipeline.

The code is hosted on github: Crescer3D

Starshooter – a web based wheelchair trainer

As second project of my time at the KTH Stockholm we developed
a game that is built to enable people that recently started to use
a wheelchair to learn how to “pitch”, which refers to the vertical
lifting of the little front wheels that is necessary in a lot of everyday
life situations.

The game is hosted at:

The “about” section of the games homepage gives further information.

Padawan 101 – VR based Lightsaber Simulator

In the winter term 2015/2016 I was guest student of the computer science and communication department at KTH Stockholm. The most interesting project I was participated is a group work
of 5 computer science and media technology students. We were developing a game where people are encouraged to blend into the role of a young yedi aspirant, trying to learn the fight with lightsabers. The first prototype consisted of the Oculus Rift Headset and the Leap Motion controller and was presented to a public audience.
Eventually we were working on improving the game and presented it at Comic Con Gamex in Stockholm in October 2015. Here you can find a Facebook event for the presentation.
My work in the project:

  • First:
    • developing a finite state machine software structure
      to couple the different game elements.
    • integrate the leap motion sensor information
      correctly with our virtual lightsaber.
  • Second:
    • working on using gyro/accelerometer from a smartphone
      to get rotational information out of a smartphone and
      the Kinect SDK for positional tracking.
    • implementing a sensor fusion algorithm that smoothly
      integrates the positional information from Kinect,
      the rotation data from gyro and accelerometer
      into a smooth 6DOF tracking.

website of the course “Advanced Graphics and Interaction” within we were working.
Padawan101 was nominated for technical excellence at the C Awards 2016.

Computer Vision supported Robot Card Game

A university project as part of my master studies was to develop
a application for the NAO Robot, enabling him with computer vision
technology to play the card game Blackjack against a human person.
The robot was detecting the game card on the table and recognize
the correct card values through a feature detection algorithm.
He expressed his decisions with speech and gestures.
The project was done in about three month by three people in summary.

NAO robot playing game cards

The project code is hosted on github:

Written in Python by using OpenCV and Numpy.

Guest Lecturer at SAE Institute Stuttgart

I am happy that I am able to get my first experience as lecturer this summer.
I will give two courses about advanced game programming techniques at the
SAE Institute Stuttgart.

In the first course i will work with my students on recent releases
of the game industry like Virtual Reality Glasses e.g. the Oculus Rift
or alternative input methods like gesture control etc.

In the second course we will examine the needs for a basic game
engine together and write a simplified version live in the class.

Looking forward to it!

Homepage of the SAE Institute