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Stockholm Street Art

Stockholm Street Art – 13.09.2015

Compared to other big cities street art is very rarely seen.
This is possibly also due the high fees if you get caught.
At one area in the south of Stockholm, artists are allowed
to work on several walls of private property.

street art 01 street art 02 street art 03 street art 04 street art 05 street art 06 street art 07 street art 08

Stadshuset Stockholm

Stadshuset Stockholm – 27.08.2015

The Stadshuset of Stockholm is one of the famous buildings of Stockholm.
It contains the municipal government and also several spaces that are used
for public events like the Nobel prize banquet.

Stadshuset 06 Stadshuset 05 Stadshuset 04 Stadshuset 03 Stadshuset 02 Stadshuset 01

Skansen Open Air Museum

Skansen Open Air Museum – 23.08.2015

Skansen is an open air museum that showcases swedish daily life in the countrside up to 100 years ago. You can visit old buildings that are originally from that time, being moved to Skansen
at some point to keep this view into history.

Skansen 01 Skansen 02 Skansen 03 Skansen 04 Skansen 05 Skansen 06 Skansen 07 Skansen 08


Stockholm in the summer

Stockholm in the summer – 10.08.2015

This post is intended to give you some impressions from Stockholm in the summer.
As i moved to the city and had some weeks off before my classes at university started
i had the opportunity to dive into the city and take some pictures from its beauty.

Stockholm 04 Stockholm 03 Stockholm 02 Stockholm 01

Stockholm is beautiful in the summer.

Stockholm 08 Stockholm 07 Stockholm 06 Stockholm 05

Everything is close to the water.  A big lake to the west and the baltic sea to the east.

Stockholm 10 Stockholm 09

Independently where you are in Stockholm it is only a short trip to its surrounding nature.

Stockholm 11 Stockholm 12

Also good looking when the sun is leaving.

Stockholm 13

The vasa museum shows a warship from the 16th century that sank on its maiden voyage.

In the summer people try to make most out of the sun they can, here at a skate contest.

Stockholm 15

Stockholm is also famous for its well designed subway stations, here “Kungsträdgården”.