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Padawan 101 – VR based Lightsaber Simulator

In the winter term 2015/2016 I was guest student of the computer science and communication department at KTH Stockholm. The most interesting project I was participated is a group work
of 5 computer science and media technology students. We were developing a game where people are encouraged to blend into the role of a young yedi aspirant, trying to learn the fight with lightsabers. The first prototype consisted of the Oculus Rift Headset and the Leap Motion controller and was presented to a public audience.
Eventually we were working on improving the game and presented it at Comic Con Gamex in Stockholm in October 2015. Here you can find a Facebook event for the presentation.
My work in the project:

  • First:
    • developing a finite state machine software structure
      to couple the different game elements.
    • integrate the leap motion sensor information
      correctly with our virtual lightsaber.
  • Second:
    • working on using gyro/accelerometer from a smartphone
      to get rotational information out of a smartphone and
      the Kinect SDK for positional tracking.
    • implementing a sensor fusion algorithm that smoothly
      integrates the positional information from Kinect,
      the rotation data from gyro and accelerometer
      into a smooth 6DOF tracking.

website of the course “Advanced Graphics and Interaction” within we were working.
Padawan101 was nominated for technical excellence at the C Awards 2016.

Bachelor Thesis about Real-Time Editing in Virtual Production

Bachelor Thesis about Real-Time Editing in Virtual Production

I was writing my bachelor thesis at the research & development department of the Animationsinstitut, which is part of the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg.

Topic was the technical focused evaluation of the best fitting hardware devices for
real-time editing in virtual production. We had a look on classical input and output devices
and evaluated modern approaches of input and output and how it would be possible to fit
those into a virtual production film set. For this we produced a very short filmlet as a
production prototype where we could evaluate a best suitable setup for real-time editing.
The prototype was realized with the Leap Motion Controller and the Oculus Rift DK2
in combination with a motion capture system and the Unity Engine.

The Research was part of the EU co-funded project dreamspace.

homepage of my supervising R&D department.
dreamspace project page of the R&D department.

Evaluating the prototype.

Copyright of the image: Maik Bolbeth Fotografie // MBO