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Bachelor Thesis about Real-Time Editing in Virtual Production

Bachelor Thesis about Real-Time Editing in Virtual Production

I was writing my bachelor thesis at the research & development department of the Animationsinstitut, which is part of the Filmakademie Baden-W├╝rttemberg.

Topic was the technical focused evaluation of the best fitting hardware devices for
real-time editing in virtual production. We had a look on classical input and output devices
and evaluated modern approaches of input and output and how it would be possible to fit
those into a virtual production film set. For this we produced a very short filmlet as a
production prototype where we could evaluate a best suitable setup for real-time editing.
The prototype was realized with the Leap Motion Controller and the Oculus Rift DK2
in combination with a motion capture system and the Unity Engine.

The Research was part of the EU co-funded project dreamspace.

homepage of my supervising R&D department.
dreamspace project page of the R&D department.

Evaluating the prototype.

Copyright of the image: Maik Bolbeth Fotografie // MBO


Artificial Intelligence & Network Security

Artificial Intelligence & Network Security

As practical part of my recently started summer semester i will implement several data mining and artifical intelligence algorithms, like face recognitions, feature extractions and also have a look on network security, simulating some kind of attacks for a deeper understanding. Really looking forward on this summer term and some advanced topics of computer science.

languages and platforms: python, linux, shell, etc.

The outcome of our Data Mining Tests can be found on my github account:



Dust of History

Dust Of History

In the summer term 2012 we developed a multiplayer strategy game in java at our university. I was doing the programming part together with Pascal. We wanted to try out writing such a game in java, also knowing how unlikely that is. We based the game on the LWJGL, basically a java wrapper for OpenGL. I was working on various topics, but my biggest topic was writing the game server application and implementing the client side communication between the players and the game server, based on tcp socket communication.

The facebook page of the project.

DoH Gameplay